MC(rev)U Series: Last Minute Reflections

By Martin

Yup, still gives me chills

So here we are, on the eve of probably the biggest movie of the biggest franchise, 4 months and 18 reviews later.  This would have been nearly impossible for me without support from a few good people, but the zenith among them is my friend Nick.  Nick has read every single review, and gave me the most insightful and helpful feedback I’ve ever had. I used that feedback to craft my final drafts, so Nick is directly responsible for whatever semblance of quality I was able to sustain.  The fact that he was able to find the time, patience, and attention to do this is not just remarkable, it’s unbelievable. People like Nick help the rest of us in our darkest moments to believe there is good in the world. If this reminds you of anyone in your life, don’t let them slip away.  This is the kind of person you need to keep around. And if you can’t think of anyone like this, keep your eyes peeled for one. The best advice I can give you in life is: find yourself a Nick.

This experience has been interesting.  I found some new perspectives on movies I thought I knew inside and out.  I had some revelations about characters that show the deep brilliance in the meta-narrative as much as any single story.  I had some laughs, shed some tears, and had more than a few deeply nerdy conversations. The whole Marvel Cinematic Universe is pretty incredible in its ambitious scope, but also in its consistent execution.  The approach taken with these movies has evolved as Marvel’s own success has destroyed their ability to keep doing the same thing. And at every turn, they’ve rolled with the punches and managed to deliver surprises when we thought we knew it all.  There will probably be a time when MCU movies are terrible, but we should try to remember this moment, right here, full of promise and optimism.

As a side note, let me just say that it has been a real pain in the ass trying to avoid info about this movie.  I was in Hall H at Comic-Con last year when they showed a preview of Infinity War, and most of that footage ended up in the above trailer.  And of course, I watched that first trailer. But I’ve been on complete media blackout since, and trying to avoid all the posters, bus ads, billboards, youtube videos, commercials, headlines, tweets, and telepathic projections has not been easy.  You have to wonder, at this point, what good are the ads doing? Has anyone actually not made up their mind about seeing this movie?

A very wise man recently said to me that love is feeling safe.  It may seem flippant to use that term to describe entertainment, but that’s how these movies make me feel.  They are entertaining, affirming, and touching more than a few times. This weekend, hundreds of millions of us will have a shared experience all around the globe, which itself is the culmination of a 10 year shared experience we all have varying levels of participation in.  I take a great amount of comfort in thinking about that. It reminds me of what T’Challa said at the end of Black Panther: “more connects us than separates us.”

It’s kind of a cool thing, when you think about it.