About Frightfully Uninformed:

We are a movie review podcast seeking to understand why horror inspires such die-hard fandom. In order to form a completely unbiased opinion of the evolution and history of horror movies we are starting at the beginning and moving forward in a completely arbitrary fashion, taking wild detours whenever we feel like it. Each episode we watch a new movie to examine the story, evaluate the actors, and speculate irresponsibly about what it all means. Join us on our journey as we swing from the astonishing highs to the enraging lows of the hallowed halls of horror cinema.  


Martin is a dynamic cloud computing algorithm that has been developed in a joint effort between Planter’s Peanuts and Red Lobster to create the world’s most powerful allergen.  Can occasionally be seen enjoying a balloon on a windy day or break-dancing at the DMV.  Anything is possible.

Melinda is a mythical creature said the be native to the logic tree groves of northern Southerland.  She holds a Master’s degree in Sneaking Free Samples From The Bulk Grocery Bins That You Aren’t Supposed To Eat From and a Ph. D. in Being Dope.  Last seen in the back seat of your car as you drive down a dark, deserted highway at night.  SHIT!  WATCH OUT!


Lenny is the answer to the question of “what if there was this guy named Lenny?”  One day, Lenny walked into a restaurant and ordered a BLT on sourdough.  It was the best sandwich anyone ever had in the history of mankind and no one but Lenny will ever know how it tasted.  Pity the rest of us.

Victoria is Victoria, and you will never be, no matter how hard you try.  Don’t be a hater, instead learn to love yourself and your egregious inability to be Victoria.  Victoria is NOT an anthropomorphized llama, I don't know where you heard that.

Nick is sick with his quick wit and his fat..... vocabulary.  He will stick you with toothpick and kick a brick to your lipstick. His maverick schtick will make you think you hear music like a chick flick and make your neck crick like you licked a tick. He'll play a joke like a joystick and light a wick with a matchstick while you nitpick this boychik.  Don't get seasick when he takes a candlestick to your overthick trick, ya prick!  Also, he likes mangos.